IISc Hostel

Hostels@IISc : This is the home page of IISc hostel website. Information about hostels, messes, rules and regulations, committees, registration, online complaints and other facilities at IISc hostel are available at this portal.


Indian Institute of Science, one of the premier research institutes of India, is a fully residential institute. There are many independent hostel blocks, some of which are for ladies and some for gents. These hostel blocks together can house about 3000 plus students who stay on campus. The hostels are nestled in lush green surroundings with open courtyards in most of them. No two hostels are alike. There is also sufficient parking facility for bicycles and two wheelers.

Limited accommodation for married students is also available on campus. There are single and double room apartments for married students to stay with their families.

Guest rooms for visiting parents of students are also available. The hostel complex also houses small utility shops like bakery, laundry, cycle repair, hair cutting and pharmacy.

There are four different Mess facilities for students to choose from, depending on their tastes. Two of the messes serve only vegetarian dishes and two other messes are combo-messes that serve both veg and non-veg. All in all, the hostel life in IISc is one of the most enviable among the student community, providing the students with a conducive atmosphere for research and learning.