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Indian Institute of Science, one of the premier research institutes of India, is a fully residential institute. There are many independent hostel blocks, some of which are for ladies and some for gents. These hostel blocks together can house about 3500 plus students who stay on campus. The hostels are nestled in lush green surroundings with open courtyards in most of them. No two hostels are alike. There is also sufficient parking facility for bicycles and two wheelers.

Limited accommodation for married students is available. This will be allotted on seniority basis.

Guest rooms for visiting parents of students are also available.

The hostel complex also houses small utility shops like bakery, laundry, cycle repair, hair cutting and pharmacy.

There are four different Mess facilities for students. A and D messes serve only Vegetarian food. B and C messes are composite mess that serves both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food. Only 10 Guests will be permitted per month to dine with the student in the respective mess. No self guest will be permitted.

All in all, the hostel life in IISc is one of the most enviable among the student community, providing the students with a conducive atmosphere for research and learning.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • Only bonafide students of the Institute with valid student registration numbers issued by the Academic Section (Except QIP and ERP) are eligible for accommodation in the hostel by paying the necessary charges in advance.
  • Only bonafide students with valid ID are eligible for Mess Facility. Students joined during 2017 should maintain the minimum balance of rupees 5000/- till the end of December 2017, failing which they should deposit additional amount at the rate of 5000/- rupees per month and part their off for the remaining months by collecting the challan from the Hostel Office during working hours and deposit the amount on the same day at the bank specified in the challan.
  • Students who joined the Institute during 2017onwards should pay the second and third installment of their Hostel and Mess fees before 20th December and 20th April of every year and failing which the Hostel and Mess facility will be withdrawn without any notice.
  • Eligible candidates requiring Hostel accommodation should first pay the prescribed hostel deposit in order to become a member of the hostel.
  • Students shall vacate the Hostel as soon as they complete the requirements for their degree or submit their thesis and leave the Dept/Institute whichever is earlier and vacate their rooms even if they retain their studentship at the Institute.
  • Absence from the hostel without permission from the Chairman, Council of Wardens, for more than a month may entail cancellation of membership and the deposit will be forfeited by taking position of their room and their things will be handed over to the Security of the Institute. Students going abroad for more than a month may kindly inform the Council of Wardens in order to avoid locking of their rooms by the hostel authorities.
  • The students staying in the hostel will be provided with a cot, a chair, and a table. The accommodation may be single or shared. It is the responsibility of the member/s to look after the furniture and fittings in the room. Members are required to bring their own mattresses, mosquito nets and such other requirements.
    • Students who
    • discontinue their studies
    • are permitted break in studies
    • on cancellation of their registration for courses/research have to leave the Institute
    • Those students who have been allotted apartments/quarters in the Institute campus.

    Shall vacate their room in the hostel within 3 working days by clearing all their dues and hand over the keys to the hostel office during working hours by fulfilling the formalities in the hostel office failing which the deposit amount will be forfeited.

  • The students should take prior permission from Chairman, Council of Wardens in order to entertain guests in her/his room. Permission is granted for not more than 7 days in a month.
  • The hostel authorities shall reserve the right to check the rooms in the hostel at any time.

Safety and Security restrictions

  • Though security arrangements are provided, the Institute shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to the residents of the hostel.
  • The occupant will use his or her own lock and key for locking the room and will be responsible for the safety of the belongings.
  • The key of the room shall always be in possession of the member and handing over the key to any non-member or for the casual use by friends is strictly prohibited.
  • Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Heaters or similar electrical appliances should not be used in the rooms.
  • No electrical appliance of more than 1000W should be used in the room.
  • No extra furniture or electrical fittings are allowed in the rooms.

Change of Room

  • Hostel members should occupy only the specific rooms that are allotted to them.
  • Change of room is conducted on a monthly basis depending on the availability of vacant rooms.
  • Members who have been allotted new rooms will have to shift to the new accommodation within 2 days from the date of allotment and hand over the possession of the old room failing which the new room allotted will stand cancel.
  • Members shall shift/vacate the rooms occupied by them when a notice is issued by the Chairman, Council of Wardens.

Hostel Dues

  • Hostel and mess accounting and billing will be done on 21st of every month for the preceding month. Members have to clear all the dues of a particular month on or before 20th of the following month. If all the dues are not cleared on the prescribed date, a fine of 1% on the billed value will be imposed.
  • Though the hostel dues of the students joined before 2017 are in most cases recovered through scholarship deduction, it is the responsibility of every member to check and ensure that her/his dues are cleared every month. In case hostel dues are not recovered through scholarship deduction, the member should obtain a challan from Hostel office and make payment at the specified bank in the campus.
  • If a student joined before 2017 accumulates hostel or mess dues of more than Rs.10, 000/-(Rupees Ten thousand) the mess facility will be stopped forthwith and hostel facilities will be withdrawn. The Chairman, Council of Wardens shall take possession of their room and hand over their personal belongings to the Security Office.
  • Certificate for issue of Passport, HRA, change of room, allotment of guest room for parents/spouse, etc., will be considered only if the members have no dues towards Hostel and Mess charges.
  • Students staying in the Hostel but not availing the Mess facility and students availing Mess facility but not staying in the Hostel will compulsory pay the monthly amenities charges of both Hostel and Mess.
  • UG, ME, M Tech and MS students who completed their degree/course will have to vacate their room on or before 30th of June of the particular year.
  • Students should the vacate the rooms only on working days and during the office hours and the key should be handed over to the hostel office and obtain acknowledgment for the same. In the absence of this the deposit amount will not be refunded to the student.
  • The advance deposit amount will be refunded through bank accounts only after the room is vacated and the keys are handed over to the hostel office during the working hours of the Hostel. The deposit amount will be refunded only after 3 months.

Type of mess

  • Vegetarian 'A'
  • Composite 'B'
  • Composite 'C'
  • Vegetarian 'D'

Mess timings

  • Breakfast : 7:30 am to 9:45 am
  • Lunch : 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Snacks : 4:30 pm to 6:00pm
  • Dinner : 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Mess Rules

  • Food from one mess cannot be served to members of other mess. Sick members may be provided with the food in their rooms only on the written advice of the Chief Medical Officer of the Health Centre.
  • All the Hostel members are compulsory member of the mess and there is no exemption to this.
  • Mess membership can be changed once in 03 months only after issue of circular from Hostel Office. Any change in mess membership will be effective only from the 1st of the following month. The current mess membership will cease only on the last day of the current month.
  • The members are expected to maintain high standard of decorum and cooperation in the dining hall.
  • Absence from the mess should be intimated one day in advance by recording "sign-off" at the mess.
  • Re-joining the mess can be done at anytime, however rebates will be given only for absence from the mess on two consecutive days or more.
  • Entertaining guests for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner can be done only by the bonafide hostel members. The host should accompany the guest. The guest charges will be added to the mess bill of each student for each month. Only 10 Guests will be permitted per month to dine with the student in the respective mess. No self guest will be permitted.
  • The guest rate for the above as well as for extra items shall be fixed by the mess committee from time to time with prior approval of the Chairman, Council of Wardens.


  • Always keep the Telephone number of security handy in order to contact during emergencies.
  • Students should exercise all possible economy in the use of water and electricity.
  • Students should keep their rooms clean and litter free, and should clean the room before vacating the hostel.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when you leave the room
  • Ensure that corridor lights are switched off after 6 am.
  • Keep your room clean and tidy. And also keep the campus clean.
  • Members should take the responsibility of keeping the common areas like corridors, bathrooms, common rooms, game rooms tidy and litter free.
  • Pay your hostel and Mess bills on time.
  • Have a watch on outsiders in the hostel premises and also outsider using mess.
  • Maintain Discipline in the campus.
  • Park the vehicles only at the identified parking places
  • Help the hostel administration in helping you.


  • The Government of India has banned all types of "Ragging". It is considered as a serious cognizable offense. There shall not be any type of ragging in the campus.
  • Cooking of any type of food in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumption/storage of alcoholic beverages in the hostel premises is an offense. It is not permitted.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Members should not cause disturbance to other residents in any manner whatsoever.
  • Women visitors are not allowed in the men's hostel. Similarly, male visitors are not allowed in women's hostel.
  • Members should not throw garbage/litter from balcony or windows.
  • Don't waste food water and electricity.
  • Don't litter the hostel and campus.
  • Don't take news papers from common room to your room.
  • Don't play in the hostel corridor.
  • Don't entertain guest in room without official permission.
  • Don't disturb your roommate and neighbors by your actions.
  • Don't take cups and plates outside the dining hall of the mess.

Rules for booking Students Hostel Guest Rooms

  • Booking for guest room will be done at the Hostel Office, 10 am to 1 pm on all working days.
  • At present the Guest charge is Rs. 400- per day, per person.(8AM to 8AM) The rates are subject to change.
  • Full amount should be paid in advance and the amount paid is not-refundable nor transferable or can be adjusted to any other charges.
  • Hostel authorities have every right to check the guest rooms.
  • No change in the date of arrival and departure is allowed once the room is booked.
  • The room is allotted subject to availability.. Only one room will be allotted to the student at a time.
  • The guests should be prepared to share the rooms if there is more demand for the rooms.
  • Check-in/check-out times are from 8am to 8am. (24 Hours)
  • Guest rooms will be provided only to the parents and spouse of bonafide students of IISc. with a valid ID card and only to those students who do not have any dues to the Hostel/Mess.
  • The guest room can be booked only by the students who are staying in the students hostels of IISc.,
  • Students not staying in the Students Hostel and students staying in the married apartments of IISc., are not eligible to book the guest room.
  • If the guest house key is lost breaking charges and lock charge of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) will be charged.
  • Students are not permitted to stay along with the guests in the guest room. However they can visit the guest till 10.00PM. No visitors will be permitted to remain in the guest rooms beyond 10.00PM
  • Students should login to their account and upload their parents/spouse photo on their website for booking the guest room. Guest room cannot be booked if the photos of the parents/spouse are not uploaded..
  • Copy of the marriage certificate having the photos of the spouse must to be enclosed at the time of booking the guest room for the spouse.
  • Please note that the uploaded photo cannot be changed under any circumstance.
  • If any false information is furnished the student will be barred from booking the guest room during their entire stay in IISc and a penalty of Rs5000/- will be levied. .
  • Booking for guest rooms should be done at least15 days in advance
  • Guest rooms will be allotted for a maximum period of 5 days at one stretch in a month.. If the Guest room is required beyond 5th day it will be allotted subject to availability of rooms and the charges will be double the normal charges for a maximum period of next 5 days only and this cannot be extended for further period.
  • Student shall be responsible for his/her guest/s during their stay in the Guest room. Please note that Boarding facility is not available in the Guest Room.
  • Guest should take care of their valuables. Guest room staff will not be responsible for the valuable of the guest.
  • Cleaning of rooms will be done in the presence of the guest only.
  • Clothes or any materials should not be kept for drying in the corridor or in the balcony of the guest room. Washing of cloths or cooking is not permitted in the guest room.
  • Each student shall book the guest room only once in a month. Booking for a maximum period of 5 days should be in one stretch and booking in split dates is not allowed.
  • A day is 8AM to 8AM
  • Students have to make the non-refundable advance payment of room rent at Canara Bank, IISc, Branch, The Challan for payment will be issued by the hostel office.. Once the payment is made in the bank the copy of the Challan has to be produced to the hostel office for confirmation of room allotment.
  • The amount paid is non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • Students should verify the Challan indicating the date, amount and guest details, before remitting the amount to the bank
  • Single room will be allotted to the spouse and double room will be allotted for parents..
  • Students should accompany the guest to collect the guest room key by producing the cash paid Challan to the Guest Room Caretaker. Photo ID card issued by the Govt. agency should be produced by the guests on demand by the guest room caretaker...
  • Students have to come personally to the Hostel Office to book the room. Guest rooms cannot be booked by proxy or through e-mail or by any correspondence.
  • Only booked guests are eligible to stay. No cooking is permitted in the guest rooms. Guests should exercise all possible economy in the use of water and electricity.
  • Consumption or storage of Alcoholic beverages in the guest room premises is an offense Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire campus.
  • A penalty of Rs.2000-00 will be levied if found smoking or consuming alcohol in the guest room.
  • Guests should not cause any disturbance to other guests in any manner whatsoever.
  • Do not throw garbage from balcony or windows.
  • The occupants of the rooms will be entirely responsible for any loss or breakages of articles during their stay in the hostel.
  • The hostel office is not responsible for any loss of goods or valuable from the rooms.
  • Visitors to guest room are allowed only after clearance from hostel authority.
  • T.V, soap and shampoo are complimentary
  • Right of admission is reserved. The guest room is only an. additional facility provided with basic minimum facility. Since there is only one lift in the guest room the guest have to make use of the stair case if there is any technical failure of the lift. The guest rooms are located in the 3rd and 4th floor of the l C and D Mess building. The guest room attender or the hostel office is not responsible for non-working of Lift, TV, Water Heater, etc., however efforts will be put from the hostel office to get the things in order in the shortest possible time.


    A sum of Rs. 2000/- per day per person shall be levied in addition to the regular guest rent, in the following cases:

  • If the room is not vacated within the stipulated time and date.
  • If the student extends his/her booking beyond five days without written permission of the Chairman, Council of Wardens.
  • If any unregistered guest are found staying without written prior permission from the hostel authorities.


    Room Rent and Mess bill will be charged on instalment basis. Three instalments will be provided for the students. i.e

    First instalment — August to December — Rs. 25,000
    Second instalment — January to April — Rs. 20,000
    Third Instalment — May to July — Rs. 15,000

    Hostel and Mess bill will be directly deducted from student’s mentioned bank account on Instalment basis. Students have to maintain sufficient balance in their account. Students will be informed towards deduction of instalment amount from hostel office through broadcast, Notices or Email.
    If the mess bill exceeds the limit, the students have to make further payment towards the mess charges or else mess facilities will be blocked.

    Refundable deposits (revised w.e.f 01/08/2017)

    DepositsAmount in
    Hostel 20,000
    Hostel (for Married apartment) 20,000

    Advance payment for Mess and Room charges from 2017 onwards (w.e.f. 01/08/2017)

    Advance payment for the months ofAmount @ Rs.5000/- p.m.To be remitted on or before
    August to December 25,000 15th August
    January to April 20,000 15th January
    May to July 15,000 15th May

    Hostel Charges

    (i)   Single Room charges per student per month

    Students admitted toGeneralSC/STs
    Bachelor of Science (Research) 400 200
    Integrated Ph D 650 325
    ME/M Tech/M Des/ M Mgt/ M Sc (Engg) 400 200
    Ph D 650 325
    Others (RE/SP/ERP/QIP/RA/PA) 2,000 2,000
    Others (STW) 1,200 1,200
    Others 1,800 1,800

    (ii)   Double Room charges per student per month

    Students admitted toGeneralSC/STs
    Bachelor of Science (Research) 200 100
    Integrated Ph D 325 160
    ME/M Tech/M Des/ M Mgt/ M Sc (Engg) 200 100
    Ph D 325 160
    Others 900 900

    (iii)   Married Apartment charges per month

    Type of ApartmentGeneralSC/STs
    Bhaskara 1,800 1,800
    Kapila 1,800 1,800
    Kaveri 2,250 2,250
    Ramanujam 2,250 2,250
    Aryabhatta (1) Double Room
                       (2) Single Room

    (iv)   Other charges

    ParticularsFor single room, double roomFor married apartment
    Establishment charges 200 200
    Amenities charges 200 200
    Electricity & water charges 200 200
    Mess Amenities charges 1,000 1,000